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Joe and Jaydon’s free running scene from the leavers’ assembly

Joe and Jaydon from Patrick Thurston on Vimeo.

pet persuasion

Are you tired of ordinary, boring pets, such as: cucumbers, cheese and crisps? (Oops that’s my shopping list.) I meant cats, dogs and-worst-of-all fish. For one week only we are giving away minipocathans for the small price of ten thousand and ninety nine pence (and additional food/cages)!


It has been rumoured that minipocathans make epic pets.  Due to their out-of-this-world cuteness, anybody that sees you with it will think you are the most fortunate person alive and will want one in a heartbeat. These magnificent monsters are very loyal and will devour any one that gets in your way; you will be the coolest kid in town if you purchase one.

Once you have adopted these mini monsters, you must buy additional items for it, such as:

  • A diamond cage so they will not escape;
  • Rocks to eat;
  • Brains (only human) ; make sure they are slow cooked in monkey flesh;
  • Pigs for your new pet to hunt.

So now you know what you need, you first need to be warned what to do if they get out of hand.


If you look after your Minipocathan properly you will not have to worry about it unleashing it from it true form and destroy the world in 0.00001 seconds; one thing can stop it: woodlice! It’s scientifically proven that minipocathans evolved from woodlice so they are practically their dad and can tell them not to. Top tip: be sure to buy a woodlice as well.


Because I am psychic I know that you are shouting at your mum to get you one; be quick and come to pets and gnomes and get one today. If there are any problems call zero zero seven nine nine nine six six six for help.

alien annihilation

Do you believe in conspiracy theories? Do you tremble in fear at night to the name of the Apocathan? If so, read on to find out more about the carnivorous beast, the most extra-terrestrial race the world has known!


The Apocathans are very well known for their appearance. These creatures stand one kilometre tall with a gnarled ten eyed twisted crab-like head. It is believed that, this terrifying beast has a large stone body which can annihilate galaxies without breaking a sweat. These galactic gods have spindly arachnid like-legs which can penetrate anything you can imagine and can scuttle swiftly across the ground.


These death bringers were first spotted in the late two thousands (in Uranus (pun intended) at coordinates X935Y-115Z9).  In recent studies, over one hundred apocathans have been sighted on earth. They commonly recite in forests-big open spaces. However, some people argue that they are live underground and will one day rise up and reign terror over the whole human race.


Commonly, most apocathans eat terrain and grassland. But some have been known to come to highly populated areas: New York; Paris; and china, to feast on humans by penetrating their skulls, ripping apart their bodies and consuming the meat. Their favorited part is the brain, which are slow cooked in skin until crisp.


In conclusion, these devastating aliens are truly horrific and everyone advises you to stay away from them. So next time, when you are alone, look behind you or you will be his next meal.


Dear diary,

Today I was given an absolutely amazing pet called the Minipocathan. The shop keeper, who was very nice and polite, gave me the pet however, I think he has given me a mischief maker. He explained to me that the Minipocathan cannot be fed between 18:00 and 06:00 or trouble will be caused. I didn’t believe him because the pet looked cute and innocent.

On the way home, I quickly stopped off at Taco Alarm clock (not taco bell) and picked up a taco -filled with crispy bacon, fresh, crunchy lettuce and juicy, hand-picked tomatoes- and threw it in my bag for a snack later in the evening whilst playing Forzo (not Forza).

As soon as I got in, I started to race all my friends, speeding in a Lamborghini around the Monza track in Italy. I had just passed the black and white finishing lines, obviously coming in first place, when I heard a loud crunch which could only be made by a creature with razor-sharp teeth. My first reaction was to look curiously around my bedroom, looking for the suspect of the crunch. I slowly and carefully followed the mysterious crunching, which strangely led me to the location of my bag. Suddenly and unexpectedly, a green unearthly creature, jumped out from my bag wearing: a half-eaten tomato for a helmet on his small beady head; slimy bacon wrapped tightly around his broad shoulders creating strong shoulder pads and mouldy lettuce infused together on his muscular body acting as an armoured vest.

I felt like today was going to be my last day on planet earth and I was going to die because of my new pet, who was covered in my taco.  Immediately, I knew it was my Minipocathan who had changed from a soft and furry creature in to a savage evil monster. It wasn’t my fault! I didn’t feed him anything! That mean shop keeper who just ripped me off, should have trained the pet to not eat other people’s food after 18:00. It is all HIS fault! Majestically, I grabbed a strong iron bin lid (preparing to use it as an unbreakable shield) and a dense wooden broom (for a pokey pokey stick). Who will win?

I bravely attacked the Minipocathan, using my pokey pokey stick to secure him to the ground, disabling him to move or fight. I placed him gently into a nice shiny cage – which I had kept under my bed in case of an emergency- and rode my swaggy bike straight back to the pet shop. As soon as I walked through the door, I exclaimed to the owner “I have insurance!” I left the package on the old chipped desk along with an itemised bill of the damage totalling £67,529,321.01. I turned around and left without any further words.

E Safety Week

This week we have been thinking about the focus for Safer Internet Day 2016 – ‘Play your part for a better internet’. Knowle Park Primary wrote positive comments about others to encourage a friendlier internet. We also thought about what to do if we saw an unkind comment. Take a look at our video! Happy Safer internet day!


Hi whats up?Are finding it hard to earn characters in the hit game lego marvel?If you have no idea how to get to deadpools room  you might want to pay atenntion to these steps…

How to get into deadpools room…

1 if you have completed the game lego marvel you will spawn at the hellcarrier.

2 Your standing on a blue circale press  the button B on a white circale!

3 After the wait you will spawn in the inside of the hellicarreir go ford and make a left

4 The first room on the right enter…

And that is how to get into deadpools room

how to activate a cheat…

In deadpools room you will see a a green glowing light go over to it press the button B on the white ciricale!

thats how you activate some cheats


Spiderman future foundaition=WFOZXQ


Iron paitriot=Q5X1J5

Carnage=AA0Z50 OR MAYBE A O

War machine=TQ4C57

Iron man hulkbuster=CK7SDS

Ironman heart breaker=2NGSRZ

Howered the duck=J58RSS


Wolverine with hood=OAW2LB

Spider bike=SH9MZQ

2xstud multiplyer=UZFBG4

So thats all i am gonna give to you but if your desprate to get more things type in on google or something like that lego marvel cheat codes and they will give you more cheat codes.But anyway thats like a starter of cheats.By the way if your wondering these codes will work on the PS4,PS3,XBOX ONE,XBOX 360 AND I think pc to. see ya.


dear diary [ homework ] by chanelle

Dear diary ,

Today I am moving houses. Because of this, I’m going to lose all of my friends and part of my family that live next to me and that go to the same school as me. I feel like I am leaving  all of my family behind  not just some I really don’t  want to lave anyway goodbye for now see you at the knew house .

Well I’m at the new house I feel like i can just curl up in a bowl and cry until the next day and the next day. My new school is full of bullies mum doesn’t believe me. She says that its the best school in the city. I want to go back to kpps the best primary school ever well that is my opinion anyway.


The mutated crab by harvey (homework)

Have you heard of the mutated crab?If not just wait to read about it.It will be the most amazing thing you have ever heard of!

The mutated crab has claws as big as an elephant!It also has a giant body because of its species. (its not a crab at all it just looks like one so its given the name the mutated crab.)It also has a shell which can with stand a nucular explosions it can be safe where ever it is,the reason it has its shell is because its skin could barely withstand a tiny poke with a plastic knife on the non-sharp side. Its two bulging eyes stick out from its long slug like antenna. its brown and orange skin lets it hide on the sea bed because it looks like sand.It will also throw sand on its back to make sure its hidden.

The mutated crab usually lives under the sea so its not often seen in the dark waters and the water pressure is to much for the submarines of are time.So, only when it comes out from its hiding can we see this wonderful creature in great detail so its crazy habitat still lets us see it if we look close enough.In its habitat there are blob fish that look normal until they go into shallow waters and there are also the giant squid which can grow up to 60 feet long.

This crazy creature eats blobfish, shrimp, shellfish, small squids, baby sharks and viperfish. A few of these creatures can be dangerous like the viperfish because of there sharp teeth. Almost nothing eats the mutated crab so it has nothing to worry about the only thing that eats it is the mutated giant squid which really mutated this time so it has grown an extra 140 feet so it is 200 feet!

Fortunately, because of the mutated squid this creature is being put on the endangered species list very soon. But this is a good thing because they are eating too much of the other fish and they could be extinct. So it could be a bad thing if they are not hunted until there are a small amount of them left so better keep an eye out while you still can!

Evil Santa by Harvey (homework)

Have you heard of the Evil Santa?You will not believe your ears!This is reason the cookies, milk and carrot goes missing at night.

Evil Santa has a blue jacket, trousers and hat instead of red so his wolves know that its him and not normal Santa. He also has a green belt to carry his things on like his grappling hook to get up the buildings in the middle of the night. also he doesn’t like to be seen so he stays in the dark shadows while wearing dark blue out fits at night every year.Also he has no beard.

Evil Santa lives in the south pole away from normal Santa so they never bump into each other and so the reindeer’s don’t get   killed by Evil Santa wolves.Because if he did he would have an army of 6.2 billion elves after him because Santa would never be able to fly on his sleigh again. The reindeer’s have got to be trained before they can fly.Also evil Santa is the exact opposite of normal Santa because Evil Santa is evil and normal Santa is good.

Evil Santa eats all of the mince pies ,cookies and milk you leave out for normal Santa. He also takes the carrot and throws it in a bin so the reindeer’s get hungry. But, he has got to leave one hour earlier than normal Santa other wise he will eat all of the food and we wouldn’t be Evil Santa that night.Over the year Evil Santa eats the mince pies that he stole from everyone because he freezes them vacuum seals them and then tins them so they are fresh all year round.

Fortunately, over the years Evil Santa has got a lot older and is now going to stop being evil so you can leave out Christmas cookies and stuff out for Santa clause from now on. I hope you have a happy Christmas and a happy new year.

The creepy forest by harvey (homework)

In the forest i could see fog blocking my distant view coming closer with every second.it was so creepy in there.I could hear owls hooting in the darkness.I felt like screaming for help but i knew it would be no use because there was no one around for miles.The trees looked alive,it looked like they had faces and were going to devour anything that came near them. giant spider webs were every where.Things in the grass moved,i thought they were snakes.But i wasn’t so sure. Over time it got darker and darker.I looked back at the fog, it was much closer, i thought it was going to come and stop me from getting out of the forest so i would starve to death in the forest alone. i started to run from the fog because it was going very slow so i had a chance of getting out of the forest.While i was running i saw trees get struck by lightning in the distance, this only made want to get out more,i need to get out otherwise i will be burned alive or i would choke to death! I quickly ran away from where the fire had started. Then it started to rain heavily, i thought it could not get any worse. Then it started hail down hailstones as big as golf balls so i made a little shelter out of giant leaves,mud and sticks so i would not get hurt.Suddenly, the fog rolled in. I had completely forgot about the fog untill now. I would stuck here for ages…